Highland Mountain Bike Park

Powderhorn Bike Park

48338 Powderhorn Rd                                          Mesa, CO 81643                                            Phone – 970.268.5700



Powderhorn Bike Park

The Powderhorn Bike Park was built to complement the natural terrain of the mountain and create an exhilarating experience for all. Powderhorn’s bike park offers multiple trails that can challenge the most experienced rider and provide easy terrain for those looking to improve their skills. Powderhorn is located on Colorado’s Western slope in Mesa.

Powderhorn Bike Park’s high speed quad lift provides access to 10.9 miles of downhill mountain bike trails. Along with biking there are 5.2 miles of hiking trails for guests to enjoy.

There are trails suited for all abilities at Powderhorn Bike Park. There is lift access along with designated uphill routes servicing four green trails for beginners, one blue trail for intermediate riders, and one black trail for advanced mountain bikers.

Get out and enjoy the ride and the trails.

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