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Terry Bicycles

For over 30 years, Terry Bicycles been disrupting the bicycle industry – designing innovative bikes, saddles, apparel and accessories that fit mobilized women who believe their wheels are their wings and that pure performance and feminine style can ride in tandem. We are 100% dedicated to making cycling a more comfortable experience for all women. Now shop our full lineup online.

As cyclists, we’re part of an illustrious sisterhood of athletes and adventurers. We ride through wind and rain. We sweat. We dream. We discover. We push ourselves to and past our limits. We take each day and ride it to its fullest. We’re refugees from the corporate world joined together by a love for cycling and life balance.

Because we believe in the transformational power of cycling, we’re not just about selling products but helping our customers be the best cyclist they’re capable of being. We offer support for all kinds of cycling and are driven to one mission:

Get more women riding bicycles—comfortably, safely and beautifully.

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